Parking Lot Sweeping

There are various benefits of sweeping your parking lot, the collection and removal of paper, leaves, and other visible debris. An equally important, but perhaps less evident benefit is the removal of metal particles and other hazardous waste products left by passing vehicles. Sweeping is also an effective method of removing both large and microscopic pollutants.

FACT - 70 to 80% of the dirt in your building, walks in the front door

In today's highly competitive market, business property managers can't afford the tarnished image caused by cutting back on exterior grounds maintenance, and regular sweeping is arguably the most important component contributing to overall looks. Keeping all outside areas clean is becoming increasingly recognized as an important element of successful business.

Attract more customers with regular parking lot sweeping
A number of people choose not to patronize a particular business because they don't like the looks before they even park and come inside.

Enhance overall look of property
In today's competitive market regular sweeping is the most important component to overall looks.

First Impressions
Outside parking areas are where customers will derive a non- favorable or favorable first impression. Is your parking lot swept regularly?

Extend the life of pavement
Sand, dirt and other trash are abrasive, and will shorten the useful life of pavement, seal coating, striping, etc.

Reduce liability
Keeping litter picked up by with regular parking lot maintenance reduces the chances of slip and fall injuries, as well as lawsuits.

Save money long term
Replacement costs for pavement far exceed the routine expense of sweeping.

Reason To Sweep

Studies have shown that parking lot cleanliness ranks as a top factor in determining where people shop, and external cleanliness is seen by many as equally important as that of the interior of the building.

Different types of Sweeps

Street Sweeping: a competent method of removing debris that accumulates on city streets.
Parking Lot Sweeping: a proper maintenance service for an aesthetic and functional environment.
Construction Sweeping & Clean–up: a service for regular upkeep of construction sites or a clean up once the property is complete.


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70% to 80% of the dirt in your building walks through the front door.

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